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Patch Planters

Patch Planter 3 Pack

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Save 20% when you order a 3 Pack of Patch Planters
Get that Patch indoor garden to it's full potential. Get a 3-Pack of Patch Planters to grow a range of herbs and greens all at once.
Watering Made Easy
Self-watering design. No more "oh crap I forgot to water it"
Simple, Simplified
Water & Sunlight. It's that easy. No pumps, no plugs, no cords
Bigger, Healthier Plants

Finally anyone can grow plants worth of Blue Ribbon trophies

A Perfect Fit
Small enough for your windowsill, patio or balcony. Only 12"x6 inches
The Freshness Factor
Self-grown organic herbs and greens provide more nutrients and better tasting food.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
simple look, great design

I got 1 Patch planter on Kickstarter and love it so much that I ordered 3 more. My plants are thriving, and are adding life to my home. I am growing Mint on my windowsill, and it looks gorgeous, tastes delicious, and the plant is doing great!


Patch Planter 3 Pack

Every cat needs a Patch

I purchased three patch planters for my home because I wanted to expand my tiny herb garden. Little did I know that my cat would think I purchased Patch just for her to use to dig in. Thankfully, I had three so one of them now grows cat-approved wheat-grass. My cats happy, I'm happy, my herbs are happy. Patch is the perfect 'small-space' planter that makes growing plants indoors, easy.

The genius is in the design

A simple idea with simple materials but really works. It arrives in the mail in the form of an oversized envelope with all the materials cleverly packed inside the outer skin. Set up is quick with components that are pre-cut and snap together. It's attractive and the plain white outer shell lends itself to easy decorating with paint or a marker. The genius is in the design. It is so lightweight and packs into an envelope size for shipping that I found it to be a great gift to send to people for less than $30.

Happy home plants

My patch planters are happily growing both sprouts from seeds and some basil plants I moved in. Everything is working well!