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Patch Planters

Patch Planter

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Watering Made Easy
Self-watering design. No more "oh crap I forgot to water it"


Bigger, Healthier Plants
Finally anyone can grow plants worthy of blue ribbon trophies
Simple, Simplified
Water & Sunlight. It's that easy. No pumps, no plugs, no cords 


A Perfect Fit
Small enough for your windowsill, patio, or balcony. Only 12"x 6" inches
The Freshness Factor
Self-grown organic herbs and greens provide more nutrients and better tasting food.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
A well-designed grow-box

Growing my fourth batch of mixed lettuces... and I frequently munch on the greens right out of the box!

Seriously healthy herbs

The planter was super easy to put together, is sturdy, and I've never had healthier herbs. Now I can go away for the weekend and not come home to half-dead plants (because it's embarrassing to ask someone to come "watch your plants" while you're on vacation when you only have one or two sad looking herb pots). Thanks Patch Planters!

Innovative, simple yet elegant!

Love this simple design. Great self watering planter. Efficient and easy to clean. Would look great in any home . I am currently growing microgreens and plan on growing herbs next! Highly recommended!

The Easy Way to Grow Plants

Was super easy to setup and my herbs are already starting to grow. You don't need to have a green thumb to use it--Patch will give you one!

Exactly What I Expected

When I first saw and then contributed to Patch on Kickstarter, I recognized a smaller foldable version of something that we'd been using for years, the Earthbox. I had no doubt it would work wonderfully, I am just glad, and pleasantly surprised, to have one to work with. We have planted Parsley and Chive starts in it. I will buy at least one for presents for the holidays.