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Wholesale / Retail / Corporate Opportunities

Are you interested in carrying Patch Planters in your retail store? 
Are you a company that would love custom Patch Planters for their offices, or even gifts? 
Do you run a lifestyle blog, or a online marketplace? 
If you answered YES to any of these, let's get in touch. 


We are extremely interested in working with like minded groups who want to promote a healthy lifestyle, whether that is at the retail level, or even the corporate leaders out there. 

If you're a retailer or a buyer for a corporate group, here are a few obvious benefits for carrying Patch Planters in your store, or have them produced as a gift for your company:

It's Unique 
  • Not many retailers are carrying self-watering planters. Even less retailers carry something that has as innovative of a design as a Patch Planter. Be one of the first to market. See what over 500+ Kickstarter Backers from 10+ Countries are excited about. 

    Promotes healthy lifestyle

    • Patch Planters are meant to grow your own food at home, reducing the footprint you leave on the earth, and lessening your reliance pre-packaged herbs at the the Super Market.

    Small storage footprint  / Compact

    • Patch Planters take up very little room on the shelves, and take up even less in your storage space!

    Unique selling points (grow your own food at home) 

    • Patch Planters give your retail staff something to talk about, it has so many unique selling features, it'll keep your customers coming back to see what else you have in store. 

    Bring a product in with a social media presence / buzz 

    • We'll promote our our relationship with you, driving even more traffic to your store. We always generate our own press, and we love telling everyone where they can pick them up in stores. 

    Broad range appeal 

    • Patch Planters appeal to a very wide range of people, from kids who are just learning about plants, to people moving into their first studio apartment, for folks who travel a lot, and also for the person who has literally everything in their life. 

    Eco Friendly & Durable 

    • Patch Planters are made up from a range of eco-friendly material including DuPont™ Tyvek®. Using Tyvek insures that the Patch Planter will last for years to come. 

    Supporting Urban Agriculture Movement 

    • As cities are growing, apartments are shrinking. The lack of access to gardens for future generations is apparent. The Patch Planter was born out of necessity, it allows urban dwellers to start growing in their own apartment in smaller spaces.  By carrying the Patch Planter, you show your customers that you care and support the urban agriculture movement, Growing your own food at home is an expanding market, and we feel that the trend will continue to grow (no pun intended)


      We're happy to work with all retailers, big or small, simply reach out to Hello@patchplanters.com