Great for growing your veggies and cannabis at home. Please **Contact us if you have any questions.

Assembly Instructions


Slide battens through the slots in the binding. TIP - Pinch corners to expand opening

Assemble the reservoir support, place it on the bottom of the planter. 

Place the insert on top of the reservoir support. NOTE - Make sure that the fill tube hole is on the same side as the planter’s overflow hole.

To assemble the fill tube, fold sharply at the score line, curl material into raindrop shape, and slide tab into slit. Slide the fill tube through the hole in the insert.


Fold the center “X” into the wicking leg. 


Lightly pack soil into the wicking leg.

Fill the Patch with soil, plant your seeds or starter plants. *see planting tips for details*

Water up to the top ring of circles on the fill tube. Approximately 2 litres or half a gallon.
Let the reservoir empty completely before adding more water.






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