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How to Grow Parsley in Your Patch in 3 Simple Steps

How to Grow Parsley in Your Patch in 3 Simple Steps

Parsley is a hardy herb grown for its flavor, which is added to many dishes as a decorative garnish. Growing parsley also makes an attractive plant for your Patch Planter. This herb can easily be grown in your Patch Planter, indoors and outdoors.


When is the Best Time to Plant Parsley Seeds in Your Patch Planter?

Spring is the ideal time for planting parsley seedlings in your Patch Planter. The germination rate for Parsley takes up to 3 weeks, so you may need to be patient before you see a sprout!


What kind of Soil is best for Parsley?
 It’s always preferable to situate plants in organic-rich, well-drained soil when growing parsley.
Where is an Optimal Place for my Parsley to Grow?

It is recommended to place your parsley in areas with full sun or partial shade.


How to Plant Parsley in Your Patch Planter
  1. Simply sprinkle your parsley seeds on top of the soil
  2. Pour water in the fill tube of your patch planter
  3. Once seeds have sprouted, separate them down to only two to three plants per patch planter.
Leaves curling? Now it’s time to Harvest Your Parsley!

You can begin harvesting parsley once the leaves start to curl. For optimal flavor, pick parsley early in the day when the plant’s oil is strongest.

Don’t Dry Your Parsley, FREEZE IT!

Parsley is best used while fresh; however, it can be frozen until ready for use. Refrain from drying your Parsley, as this may cause the herb to lose some of its flavor.

Now that you know more about how to grow parsley, you can add it to your indoor Patch Planter garden.