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How to Grow Kale for Stronger Bones

If you have a patch planter garden, consider planting kale, it’s so easy to grow! Kale is very rich in iron and other nutrients like Vitamins A and C and even Calcium. When it comes to healthy eating, kale should be included in your diet.

Kale plants are extremely robust, adaptable to many different situations, it will even grow in the winter!


What kind of Soil to grow Kale in? 

Kale prefers well-drained soil in sunny locations but will tolerate shade too. Kale grows best when planted after the soil reaches temperatures of 60 to 65 F. (16-18 C.). Hot weather can turn Kale bitter, so you may want to mulch the ground to protect from too much heat.


How to Plant Your Kale

When planting kale in your Patch Planter, start the plants indoors to get a head start early in the season. Simply cover the kale seeds with 1/2 inch of soil and remember to fill your patch planter up with water to keep it moist to germinate. In late summer or early fall, you can move your patch planter outdoors. Try not to disturb the kale in the early stages, roots are delicate.


How long will it take?

Plants take only about two months to mature. Since they take so little time, you can start a couple of batches early, a couple more later in the summer and a couple in the fall. This gives you fresh kale plants to pick from for about six months or so.


How do I pick the leaves?

Simply pick the young leaves from the bottom of the plant up. Being able to pick kale all season long is a plus to growing this hardy vegetable for maybe a kale Caesar salad or even a delicious vegetable soup. 

This blog was adapted from Gardening Know How - Growing Kale: Information On How To Grow Kale